Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Honorable ones, our beloved English Economic lecturer; Ms. Dini and my beloved friends. In this golden opportunity, allow me to stand here in front of you all to deliver a brief speech about corruption.

My dear friends Corruption is a well known word that everyone in this country knows exactly what it means and how cruel it is. Corruption is an action of stealing people money and their right of justice. It is stink and inhuman action. An action that brings our country to the depths of poverty.
Corruption has become the biggest problem in our country, Indonesia, that needs immediate actions. Our country is weaken by it. It's like a virus which infects all sectors in the government justice and civil service sectors.
Poverty and social discrepancy are those of the effect of corruption. Money that should be given to erase poverty are corrupted for self advantages of certain persons. Justice that should be risen up are corrupted for self righteous of certain pe…

Educational Expo in Auditorium University Tanjungpura

I visited dies natalies untan to 58, in her there are many booths from a variety of existing faculty at the Tanjungpura University, which made me interested was the stand of the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences. In stand faculty of mathematics and natural sciences untan is a wide range of goods at the show. Like robots, animals that have been in preserved with books about animals, trophies, diving equipment, and other creativity.

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My Future Business

If I had to do business for the future, I would choose the culinary business. Why I choose the culinary business?. Because the culinary business can be said to be "the business of the immortal" because from the first up to the culinary business anytime good food and this drink will never quiet be the consumer.
As we know, food and drink is one of the basic necessities are definitely needed by everyone, this is the cause why year after year culinary business is getting crowded. Moreover, Indonesia including the country with the highest consumption rate in the world that makes our opportunity to plunge in the culinary business is increasingly high. Indonesia is also very famous for its rich culinary diversity in each area. If we are observant, this fact can be used as a base material "inspiration" to start a culinary business. Because I can not cook food that luxury so I chose business toast. It's been a lot of people who cultivate business toast…

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Tutorial : How to . . .

I will discuss about  How to Make Spaghetti at Home

The materials needed :

500 grams of spaghetti
250 grams of minced meat
3 tablespoons tomato sauce
500 grams of fresh tomatoes, blended + a little water
Flour 2 tablespoons cornstarch
100 grams of grated Cheddar cheese
2 cloves Onion, thinly chopped
8 cloves garlic, finely chopped up
1 tablespoon Oregano Powder
Cooking oil
Olive oil
Beef sausage and other additives (if required)

Procedure :
1. Boil tomatoes in a blender with an additional glass of water, use a small fire to boil. Wait until the boil then add the minced meat and powdered oregano powder, stir gently until evenly until textured thick like gravy. If it is less viscous, add cornstarch and dissolve with water, pour the sauce ingredients.

2. Enter the tomato sauce and sugar include salt to taste. Add grated cheese to taste alone (leaving) the sauce mixture. Taste sauce have you created earlier to be sure the results are stable, then lift the sauce.

How to cook Spag…

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Ask an Expert

In April 13th 2017 I came to basketball training to met a basketball player and I interviewed him.
Informant : Yoga Wisnu Dewanta
Interviewer : Arismon Rusjaya Meliala

A : When did you start to played basketball?
Y : I started to play basketball when I was 15 years old.

A : What do you establish to love basketball?
Y : I love basketball, it doesn't make me bore and my interest or talent is basketball.

A : Is playing basketball to difficult?
Y : For beginner playing basketball is difficult but with routine practice playing basketball is easy to play.

A : How long to be good in playing basketball?
Y : To be good of playing basketball in a year but for 5 months to good in basic of basketball.

A : How many times do you play and to be a champion in tournament?
Y : To win games, perhaps more than ten but I never to be a champion,  my achievement just third rank.

A : What need to be a basketball player?
Y : Physical and determine.

A : How many position in basketball and wha…

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I can not imagine if my life without games and modern communication media.
Okay first I will discuss about life without game, why? because I love games. No days without a game, game also is my comforter, pastime, and also accompanied me when I am bored, how come if in the world without a game? the world will be full of boredom because of the absence of entertainment, when people are bored or stressed because jobs, they can not entertain themselves with anything because the traditional and modern games do not exist in the world. What will they do in order to entertain themselves if games do not exist in the world, we've still many other entertainment such as traveling, watching a comedy. If the world does not know what the game, so what is going to happen? I can not imagine that. 

The second I will discuss about the world without modern communication media, what's that? modern communication media a media tool that we use today, today is very much about the modern communication me…

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My Skills
Concerning of my skills, I can martial arts is pencak silat, what I do with my skill? In martial arts I've been performing at various events, what did I show? the art of the double, double art is category martial art doers are showing two people of the same team, demonstrating finesse and wealth of attacking moves martial technique owned. Movement of attack defense is displayed in a planned, effective, aesthetic, and logical in a series circuit regularly, both powerful and fast and in slow motion full of inspiration that started from bare hands and continued with the armed and subject to the rules and regulations that apply to doubles , In addition, I teach students who participated this martial art. Students from such a small primary school children to adults such as high school students and employee, to teach this technique starts from the basic stage through a difficult stage, the technique that is how to attack and defend. What should I do to improve my skills ?, I…